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If you are already registered as a user of our online system, the next step is to visit our page for the registration on the system and enter your personal data.

If you are not a client of our bank, and still haven't become a user of our online system, you need to choose your own username and password upon entering your personal identification number, which you can receive in our branches.


E-banking system of Piraeus Bank is a safe, quick, effective and simple banking system, enabling both you and your company to receive via Internet all services provided by the Bank.

You may use e-banking of Piraeus Bank any time you like during the day, regardless of the business hours and holidays, and effecting and overview of financial transactions, as well as obtaining the balance of all yours accounts, enable you to save precious time and reduce operating costs. E-banking system is maximally secured by the latest technological solutions of smart card digital signature; it enables reliable identification, data privacy protection and has a vast range of advantages.

Piraeus Bank e-banking users can use the following e-services:

  • » RSD and FX payments
  • » PObtaining balance and turnover of accounts
  • » Account statements
  • » Receipts on effected payments and disbursements from account
  • » Cancellation of sent orders
  • » Off-line creation of orders
  • » Exchange rate list (with the possibility of date selection)
  • » Package sending of orders (payrolls, transportation orders…)
  • » Work on several locations
  • » Signing hierarchy
  • » Defining different privilege levels and making respective changes at any time at client’s request

The user of e-banking services of Piraeus Bank may be any individual with current accout in the Bank or legal entity performing registered activities that holds account in the Bank, with approved request for usage e-banking system, defined range of services and system support. The user may use e-banking services upon respective request has been approved and smart card with issued certificate has been obtained.

Your benefits

Piraeus Bank e-banking benefits are:

  • » 24/7 availability
  • » Lower costs of transactions
  • » Rational usage of time and possibility to operate from any place in the world
  • » On-line insight into account balance
  • » Off-line and on-line creating of payment orders
  • » Creation of package of orders
  • » Reducing the vast paperwork
  • » Swift, simple, high-quality and safe performance of payment operations

Necessary requirements for Piraeus Bank e-banking are:

  • » Internet Ready computer
  • » Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP
  • » Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
  • » Internet connection of minimum speed 24.4 KB/s
  • » Smart card and Smart card reader

Should you have any additional questions regarding e-banking requirements and terms and conditions, please dial:
+ 381 11 321 7774

Safety measures

Piraeus bank e-banking is designed as e-banking system with the highest safety standards. Information you exchange with the Bank is protected and cannot be reviled, altered, wiretapped or simulated.

Safety measures are:

  • » Code communication
  • » Digital signatures
  • » Combined protection – Smart card and PIN code
  • » LIB number
  • » one time password