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New VISA Business Electron debit card

Data/Images/business_electron_01.jpgPiraeus Bank Visa Business Electron card is debit card designed for legal entities and entrepreneurs with aim to make their daily business easier, quicker and safer.

Visa Business Electron debit card enables easy access to funds at the current (transaction) account of the company, with possible users from the signature card list as well as from special signature card of a legal entity, number of additional cards issued to legal entity is unlimited.

The advantages of using Piraeus Bank Visa Business Electron debit card are:

  • Practical application - payment of travel expenses and fuel, purchase of office supplies and equipment, hotels and restaurants cost, business trips, rent a car and all other company’s costs in the country and abroad, at all locations marked with Visa Electron sign.
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs with VISA Electron sign.
  • Higher security - reducing the risk of carrying cash, and money is available 24 / 7
  • Expenses is easy to track through accurate records and monthly costs specification
  • Payment in dinars for all transactions in the country and abroad
  • Limit restriction for certain cards on monthly basis. This benefit allows additional control of the company’s money usage. These limits for spending and cash withdrawals are expressed in dinars, regardless of whether it is consumption made at home or abroad.

Visa Business Electron debit card is valid for 24 months and the annual membership fee of 1,000 dinars per card shall be paid only for additional cards.

Application for VISA Business Electron card can be found at any Piraeus bank branch or downloaded directly from the Bank’s web site (Download section). Orderly fulfilled application form by legal entity owner and authorized person who applies for the card, have to be submitted to the Bank.

Documentation required for issuance of Visa Business Electron card is:

  • orderly fulfilled and stamped application form
  • photocopy of the owner and authorized person ID card
  • Copy of signature card page where is name of authorized person, and original signature card for insight.


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