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Piraeus Bank

VISA Business Electron debit card

Data/Images/business_electron_01.jpgVisa Business Electron card of Piraeus bank is debit card intended to legal entities and entrepreneurs who wish to make their everyday business simpler, faster and safer.

Visa Business Electron debit card allows easy access to the funds of the current (transaction) account of the company, its users may be persons from deposed signatures card and special KDP of the company, a number of additional cards that can be issued to one company is unlimited.

Benefits of using Piraeus Bank VISA Business Electron debit card are:

  • Practical application – payment of travel expenses and fuel, purchase of office supplies and equipment, costs of hotels and restaurants, business trips, rent-a-car and all other company costs in country and abroad, at all places marked with VISA Electron logo.
  • Cash withdrawal on ATMs marked with VISA Electron logo.
  • Greater security – it diminish risk from carrying cash, and your money is available 24/7
  • Easy tracking of expenses through precise evidence and monthly specification
  • Settling the obligations in RSD for all transactions made in country or abroad
  • Setting the limits for each card on a monthly basis. This advantage allows you further control of company money use. The above limits for spending and cash withdrawal are denominated in RSD, regardless of whether the spending is made in country or abroad.

Card validity period for legal entities is 24 months, 36 months for entrepreneurs. Annual charges are paid only for additional cards in the amount of 1,000 RSD per card.

Entrance form for Visa Business Electron card can be obtained on counter of any Piraeus bank branch office or directly from the Bank’s website (section Download). Neatly filled entrance form by the owner of legal entity and authorized person who applies for card, is returning to the Bank.

Necessary documentation for Visa business Electron card is:

  • Neatly filled and stamped entrance form
  • Copy of identification card of owner and authorized person
  • Copy of the deposed signatures card where it can be seen that authorized person’s name is on KDP, original on inspection.



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