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Piraeus Business Online Banking

Piraeus Bank system for electronic banking services, e-banking, is secure, quick and efficient way of doing banking operations which allows clients to use all available banking services over internet.

Piraeus Online Banking is open 24 hours daily, 7 days a week, regardless of bank  working time and holidays, all with simple usage which allows clients to save time as well.

Online Banking services can be used by any legal entity with registered business and open account with Piraeus bank, with approved request for usage of online banking services.

Piraeus Bank in order to modernize and make business electronic banking services even more comfortable has introduced, in addition to Piraeus Online Banking, two new electronic banking services: Halcom and Asseco.

The user can choose to use one or more solutions, depending on the business needs and personal inclination.

Piraeus Online Banking service allows users rapid access to status and daily changes in the account, daily statements and certificates of deposit and withdrawal receiving, as well as quick and safe dinar and foreign currency payments.

Halcom application provides clients with the opportunity to work with the dinar and foreign currency accounts of all customers, as well as connection with internal programs. An additional advantage is the possibility of linking the accounts opened with more commercial banks to a single digital certificate, if those banks are users of Halcom e-banking solution.

Asseco application allows performing of financial transactions from personal computer, with an immediate insight into account balance and turnover, review of transactions and statements from dinar and foreign currency accounts. The application also allows connection of multiple accounts of commercial banks on one digital certificate.

For additional questions on necessary equipment and conditions of use please call following phones:

Safety Measures

Piraeus Online Banking Business offers its clients highest safety standards, which allows that information exchanged with the Bank are protected so that they can not be altered, intercepted or simulated.

As security measures Piraeus Online Banking Business uses:

  • Digital certificate - Each user Piraeus Business Online Banking receives a digitalcertificate, smart cards, which enables the electronic financial transactions, whileproviding a reliable user authentication, protection of confidentiality and data integrity.
  • Encrypted communication
  • Electronic signatures
  • Combined protection - Smart card and PIN

Application documents are located under section Download, on the right-hand side menu.

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