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Piraeus Business Online Banking

System of electronic banking of Piraeus bank, or web banking, is safe, fast and efficient system of banking operations which allows the client to execute all services that Bank can offer via the Internet.

Piraeus Business Online Banking is operational 24 hours a day, all seven days a week regardless on working hours and holidays and with simple usage is enables save of precious time.

The user of Online Banking service of Piraeus bank can become any legal entity which is performing registered activity and holds an account at the Bank, with approved request for use of electronic business system, defined scope of services and system support.

Piraeus bank to users of Business web banking place at disposal following services: Piraeus Online Banking, Halcom and Asseco, with notice that beneficiary can determine for use of one or more services, at wish and according to needs.

Piraeus Online Banking enables you to have simple and fast insight in daily changes on account, to download account statements and confirmation reports of made payments and withdrawal from account, as well as fast and safe RSD and foreign currency system of payment.

Halcom application enables the client to work with RSD and foreign currency accounts of all customers, as well as to connect to internal programs. Additional advantage of the service is possibility of linking accounts opened at several business banks on one digital certificate, if the banks are also users of Halcom solution.

Asseco is an application intended and focused on execution of financial transactions from computer, with possibility of momentary account insight and review of turnover as well as RSD or foreign account statements. This application also enables linking of more accounts from several accounts at different business banks onto one digital certificate.

Additional questions related to necessary equipment and terms of web banking use can be obtained via following numbers:


Piraeus Business Online Banking offers the client highest safety standards, which protects the information shared between Bank and the client in such way that they cannot be leaked, changed, wire-tapped or simulated.

As precaution, Piraeus Business Online Banking use:

  • Digital certificate – Every user  of Piraeus Business Online Banking will receive a digital certificate on smart card which enables electronic signature of financial transactions and simultaneously provides reliable identification of client, protection of secrecy and integrity of data..
  • Encrypted communication
  • Electronic signatures
  • Combined protection – Smart card and PIN code

Documentation necessary for submission of request and brochure about payment system in country can be found in Download section on right side menu.

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