Piraeus Bank

Piraeus Online Banking for Individuals

E-banking system of Piraeus Bank is safe, quick and effective banking system which is enabling clients to use via Internet all services provided by the Bank.

Clients can use e-banking of Piraeus Bank 24/7, regardless of the business hours and holidays, and also with simple usage e-banking is enabling saving of valuable time.

The user of e-banking services of Piraeus Bank may be any individual with current account in the Bank and Bank provides following e-services:

  • RSD and FX payments
  • Obtaining balance and turnover of accounts
  • Account statements
  • Receipts on effected payments and disbursements from account
  • Cancellation of sent orders
  • Off-line creation of orders
  • Exchange rate list (with the possibility of date selection)
  • Work on several locations

Should you have any additional questions regarding e-banking requirements and terms and conditions, please dial: + 381 11 321 7774.

Retail: ebs.fl@piraeusbank.rs

Safety Measures

Piraeus bank e-banking is designed as e-banking system with the highest safety standards. Information you exchange with the Bank is protected and cannot be reviled, altered, wiretapped or simulated.

Safety measures are:

  • Code communication
  • Digital signatures
  • Combined protection - Digital certificate on CD and PIN code
  • LIB number
  • One time password

Troškovi vezani za uslugu e-banking iskazani su u Tarifi naknada

Documents for submission of request and brochure about national payment system can be found in Download section on right side menu.

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