Terms for granting of RSD cash and refinancing credits

Minimum monthly income:
    25,000 RSD
Credit ability:
    45% / 50% of monthly incomes diminished by the amount of all credit obligations without housing credit and 60% including housing credit (with appreciation of NBS decision related to minimum consumers basket costs)
Necessary documentation:
  • Credit request
  • Signed and stamped employment certificate (Bank’s form)
  • Garnishment
  • Copy of identification card
  • Copy of health insurance card (for specific category of clients)
    Additional documentation:
    For pensioners:
  • Pension checks for last 3 months or certificate from Pension and Disability Insurance Fund (PIO) with average amount of pension for the past 3 months or Confirmation (Bank's form) stamped and signed by authorized persons from PIO fund
    For lump sums:
  • Sealed employment certificate
  • Decision on tax base for current year
  • Certificate about paid taxes and contributions
  • Certificate about debt status on credit/ loan which are refinancing i.e. annuity plan for credits and current account statements with overdraft debt status
  • Statement for last month for card which is a subject of refinancing claim or certificate about debt status
  • Blanco draft and draft statements
  • Conditional garnishment
  • Voucher with credit ability (for all clients who are employed, and are over 59 years of age)
  • Insurance (in cases which are prescribed by the Piraeus Bank's credit policy)
Fixed costs:
  • Cost for handling of request - 5 EUR (for specific category of products)
  • Credit Bureau report - 205 RSD + VAT (246 RSD)
  • Credit activation provision - 2% (single payment)
Premature repayment
(partial or full):

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